For a quick and easy understanding of the control and principles of driving a Jetsurf we have prepared several short video tutorials for you. The videos are divided into thematic units in which everything essential is explained very clearly.

#1 - Package contents and basic information

#2 - Fins, Engine, Gasoline, Lubrication

#3 - Safety, Wristband, Powering on, Standing up and riding

#4 - Cleaning, Engine, Air intake, Bilge pump, Deactivation, Lubrication, Charging 

#5 - Flooded engine, Flush of engine

The control and riding on Jetsurf is very easy after a couple minutes of training and practically everyone will learn it very quickly. If you still have any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will explain everything to you.

Tutorial #1 | Introduction

Tutorial #2 | Before ride 

Tutorial #3 | How to ride

Tutorial #4 | After ride

Tutorial #5 | Maintenance